If you are making minimum payments, about 95%-99% of your payment is applied to the interest. That's why credit card debt takes so long to pay-off.

Times are tough for many of us. The payday loan lending industry has recognized this and, as a result, has become a multi-billion dollar industry offering consumers a quick and easy solution to there immediate financial woes. Short-term loans, also called "small dollar loans" have become a dependable standby for people finding themselves short of fast cash. With a minimal amount of information required by the lender, the majority of people who apply for these types of loans are approved. There are no credit checks with these types of loans, so it opens up an option for everyone regardless of credit standing. But when the going gets tough and you are heading to the payday loan lender because it all seems so easy, are you sure you can afford it?

While rates, terms and policies may differ between lenders, most of them base their decisions and the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay rather than your credit. In fact, most auto title lenders don't even perform a credit check so you're past credit history is seldom a problem. Nonetheless, it's a smart idea to shop around before making a decision, because despite being licensed and regulated, policies and programs can differ dramatically from lender to lender.

The funds are transferred to the bank account of the borrower to be used to meet all kinds of urgent needs and requirements. You can utilize them to make payments for the utility bills, credit card dues, debt consolidation, and pay for higher education and so on. However, there a few conditions that must be met to be eligible to apply for these loans. The borrower must be a permanent citizen of UK. He must be a major at the time of applying. He must be employed and earning a stable income every month. He must also hold a valid bank account.

Peer To Peer Lending- This form of lending started in 2005 and allows consumers to get loans directly from the lending individual versus a lending institution. With a streamlined process, low interest rates for the borrowers and a high returns for the lenders, these loans are quite popular. Lenders will still check your credit but are more likely to empathize with your credit situation than a bank would.

As states regulate, there are lenders who look for loop holes to get around them. Renaming or reclassifying their loans, tweaking the loan terms and conditions or reclassifying their business are all attempts to work their way out from under the strict regulations. Struggling to pay your bills? We can help you find a loan, and get you through your difficult financial situation.